Visits are approximately 30 minutes. I will feed, play with, clean up after and smooch on your pet. I will try to follow your pet's routine as closely as possible. If requested, I will bring in your mail and paper, rotate lights, open or close drapes, take out the garbage, water plants (I have even been known to wash dishes and in certain cases wash clothes. However, I try to control myself and not make this a habit!)

Rate: In home visits are $20, for up to two pets; $2 for each additional pet.

Mid-day Dog Walks
Walks are approximately 30 minutes. This gives your dog a chance to check his p-mails and take care of any big business. Your dog will be happier and more content by having this little break in his day and if you get tied up at work or in traffic, your companion won't be home waiting with legs crossed.

Rate: Mid-day dog walks are $20 for one dog, $5 for each additional dog.

Overnight Stays
Overnight stays are available on a limited basis, but if your pet is used to sleeping with you or needs to go out at night, this may be the answer for you.

Rate: Overnight stays are $75 per night. Additional charges will apply if daytime visits are also required.

Pet Taxi
I can take your pet to the vet or the groomer for you.

Rate: Round-trip taxi service is $30.

I am open to discuss other needs you may have. I love working with new puppies, crate training, etc. Or maybe you have a geriatric pet with special needs. Whatever it is, let's talk about it and see if we can come up with a plan agreeable to all of us.


Add applicable Minnesota Sales Tax to all rates.

All Rates are subject to change without notice and may vary based on the area of coverage or services that are beyond what Auntie Nancy's includes with the basic service requested.

Holiday Surcharge: On holidays, we have a $10 per day (not per visit) surcharge. Holidays include: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.












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